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can't play on FB - refuses to connect

Hey all,

I normally play on mobile but make all my purchases through the Facebook client. However, for the last several weeks, when I attempt to log in through FB, the game page within FB goes gray, shows a frowny face inside a pixelated page, and gives the message "www.facebook.com refused to connect." This occurs on my 2014 MBP running macOS 10.14.6. The error occurs both within Chrome and Safari. Strangely, when using the same machine booted into Windows 10 via Bootcamp, I get the same problem with current versions of Chrome. The only solution I've found is to install Steam in Windows 10 and start the game from there. However, I'd strongly prefer to get it working in FB again.

Any ideas?


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    I was going to suggest you download the game from the Microsoft Store, but I'm not sure about Apple.
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    it's baaaaa ck

    i have the old facebook sign in to continue error. i tried on gameroom but it oddly restarted my computer

    (edit) I did get in after a while. you can click on the yellow "play game" button now. This caused a crash a couple times but then it did work. Facebook gameroom did not work at all.
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  • I have the same sign in screen on Facebook again and it refused to load. I will try the "Play Game" button next time and see if that works. I shifted from Firefox to Chrome instead and had no issues signing in there.
  • seeing issues in google app as well. take a few tries to login
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