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Odd occurrence

I received a DB forum email notification that a guest account was interested in joining my fleet. The email had content from the message including the captain stating his level and why they were interested in joining.

However, when I came to the forums, there were notifications of some forum posts, but no DMs and nothing from the guest. When I tried to send a message to the guest ID, there wasn't one in the system.

Have any of you other recruiters received something like that? It is quite odd.
Admiral of Inner Planets Alliance


  • Sorry I think I sent you the message regarding the fleet openings. I haven’t tried the forum before it’s possible I just didn’t do it correctly?.
  • I think you actually did do it correctly as I got an email notification with your message but for some reason it was purged from the forums.

    We do have openings still and if you haven't found a fleet, I would be happy to have you come to IPA. Let me know.
    Admiral of Inner Planets Alliance
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