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I know it closed but...

I know the discussion about new rewards for a new game mode closed two months ago but I'm still going add a suggestion for future consideration.

A way to select a particular gold that has eluded a player.

100 or so golds are added to the game every year which makes it harder to obtain a particular gold one might be desperate for. And the chances keep getting smaller and smaller with each passing week.

Some type of reward that allows players to pick a very specific gold something like once or maybe twice a year would be a morale booster.


  • Also, instead of beholds being a choice of three, make them a choice of five or six crew.
  • JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
    Or have the player allow to create a custom campaign and choose the gold character by oneself for the second track (for double the price).
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  • I understand that STT would be far less engaging if it was easy to get the characters you wanted. But with the rapid release of new legendaries, I really do wish there was a better way to pursue specific ones.

    The occasional "choose your own" campaign sounds pretty cool, although I suspect there'd be a fair amount of backend work required for that.

    Increasing beholds to have more options also sounds great, but likely requires a full UI redo.

    Having legendaries drop on voyages may be the easiest fix, although that also risks exacerbating the "flood of one star legendaries" that some players face.

    I'm sure DB has considered options for this issue as well, hopefully they have some ideas for it.

    I do agree that getting a much-sough-after character gives me a huge enthusiasm boost. Also, I've talked to a few friends about STT, and the conversation always ends at the same question, "How easily can I get the characters I want?" None of them have picked it up. It would be nifty to change that.
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