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Did Skirmish Loot Rewards Change?



  • Ren~Ren~ ✭✭✭✭✭
    The odds are publicly available on the skirmish reward screen, why do we even have these threads? The less you play the more "luck" (good or bad) you will experience.
  • I'm playing the skirmishes from the very beginning, and I never ran out of intel. I do the 20 away team missions needed for the dailies, and almost all other chronitons (depends on the items I need for leveling my crew) I invest in battles. Never had to buy chronitons. That's my experience.
  • The odds:

    For the comparison records:
    This running skirmish I haven't got Time Portal Packs so far.
  • Time portal packs are very rare drops. I have gone a number of Skirmishes without getting one. Was surprised that I got one in the very first battle.
  • im already over a 2 (drops) to 1 (invested chrons) ratio as it is normally, just dont forget to skirmish hard @day1 since drops are best then imo
  • Seven of One Seven of One ✭✭✭✭✭
    I've tracked rewards several times over several different skirmishes. While my data is very small the final reward drop do match up very closely with the percentage rates DB advertise.
    It is also very possible to have 27 battles with no chrons dropping it all, and then maybe a small cluster together. I used to write the drops down and then highlight then so I could easily identify the different item types.

    Again, it's in no way a significant amount of data and I personally believe that like voyages some skirmish have been particularly stingy on one item but generous in another, and that different players experience different cycles, nut nevertheless I found it interesting.

    I love the boxes and I'm always happy to get free stuff!
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  • I got 2 portal rewards, but don't think I got any 300 Chron rewards. Ended up outside the top-1500 for the first time ever in a Skirmish, doing everything the same as I always do.
  • Capt. CrunchCapt. Crunch ✭✭✭
    edited January 2020
    Portal rewards are very rare (see odds posted above), but they can happen.
    The screen grab below is from a past event. It's not from the most recent event, for I didn't get a portal pull in the last event (other than the one issued for completing all threshold reward tiers). An individual skirmish pull award is kind of disappointing on account it's for a single premium pull (i.e. all awards are rare+). It's more likely that one will pull a ★★★ character than a ★★★★ or ★★★★★ character. Considering a ★★★ character can be sold for a mere 200 honor points and honor has a 14.11% chance of being issued as a skirmish reward, scoring a 0.13% portal usually ends in disappointment. One would think that a reward issued at slightly over a mere tenth of one percent rate would be more than just a 5.06% shot at a ★★★★ character or a 1.27% shot at a ★★★★★ character (percentages cited are individual premium pull rates). I wish ST Timelines would make such an unlikely skirmish reward be a guaranteed ★★★★ or ★★★★★ behold pull. I've only gotten such über-rare skirmish rewards a handful of times, but every one of them resulted in a lousy ★★★ character pull.


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