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Very rare, combined fusion "Evolved Janeway" now in the updated loot table 3/17 ?

@Shan Did I read that right or was it just a glitch, that Super Rare Legendary Evolved Janeway (the Amphibian Version, combined of 4* Captain Janeway and 4* Evolved Paris) is now in the pack?

That is a devaluation of that card in my view, as some players spend a lot of Janeways, Paris cards and citations on FFFE that Janeway.

Putting that card in the loot table - I am not so sure if that is such a great idea.

To my knowledge, none other such combined cards are available as loot through packs, Dabo or such.

Can you confirm, that amphibian Janeway is really in the new loot table?



  • Mirror SanoaMirror Sanoa ✭✭✭✭✭
    Shan wrote: »
    Quinn and Evolved Janeway were not supposed to be part of the Time Portal Update due to their specific nature, and this has been corrected.
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