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Which crew for the 2 hour bonus mark on Voyages?

I've noticed that FF Borg Queen is giving me better bonuses at the two hour mark on Voyages than say FF Admiral Kirk. What do people think is the calculation for the crew's chance of a high bonus? If it's overall Voyage score then Borg Queen makes sense, but I wondered also if it might be to do with the selected bonuses for that particular Voyage? It would be good to know so I can play the best crew I have. Thanks!


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    Not sure I understand the question/statement. I will answer based on my interpretation...

    No crew gives you better anything in Voyages other than your skill points to pass the hazards every 1-2 minutes. Every 2-hour Dilemma is based on RNG that pulls from a pool of 27. Most of them are 2* Dilemmas that give 30/30/2* crew, but there are a handful of 3* and 4* Dilemmas that it could pick, so you could get 100/75/4* crew at the 2hr Dilemma, and then 30/30/2* at the 4hr, then another 30/30/2* at the 6hr. Borg Queen or any crew has nothing to do with what Dilemma you get.

    See this post for more info on what Dilemmas are available.
  • So if I'm reading right, what you're saying is that on the 2 hour dilemma it makes absolutely no difference who you choose whether it be an uncommon character or a fully fledged legendary? That's basically the question I was asking I guess. Thanks!
  • OK, so you're asking when you're presented with the 2hr/4hr/6hr Dilemma choices, should you choose the one with the better crew picture attached to it?

    The answer is no. At the beginning of Voyages, someone had a theory the the crew on each choice mattered, but it was test by myself and others to be untrue. Most 2* Dilemmas give 30 honor/30 chrons/2* crew no matter if you choose Choice A, B, (or C if available). Most 3* Dilemmas give 60/50/3*, but will occasionally drop a 3* component only instead.

    Your best option is to check out the Dilemmas page on the Wiki. It shows, based on user data, what the best chance option is of getting honor/chrons/crew.

    Also, keep in mind there are 2 Dilemma chains that have Part 1, 2, and 3. Check them out and know what path to take because choosing the right options can get you Voyage-only crew members Fierce Guinan and Colonel Worf. But the chance of getting all 3 parts at the 2h, 4h, and 6h Dilemma are super low! There are threads about both of these crew, the options to choose, and the chance of getting them.
  • That's great advice! Thanks so much!
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