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Define 48 hours as a standard length for Gauntlet runs

Dear developers,

living in Europe, I'm usually far behind the counting-sheep-phase around the time Gauntlet ends. While I have to make my last moves hours before, contestants in other areas of the world and night owls can wait until the very last minutes. This is quite frustrating on the long run.

Therefore, I suggest that you have the Gauntlets always run 48 hours starting from the time the pool of players is formed. This way everyone has equal chances. The featured skills and traits could change at the daily reset or at another defined time. Plus, it should only require minor changes to the UI.

I guess this problem was discussed before, but I do not know if specifically this suggestion was commented on from you.

Thank you for your continuous efforts to improve the game.


  • + 1 on this

    It's become especially frustrating since the changes of 1 and 1/2 years ago gave an actual significance to gauntlet ranking.

    Since there already are lots of different gauntlets and starting times, it should be possible to implement different ending times and there is no reason why a game feature that is not designed to be used by all players at the same time should disadvantage those who live in specific time zones (or are otherwise asleep at certain times).

    I think @Bylo Band also agrees on this :)
  • Bylo BandBylo Band ✭✭✭✭✭
    I would not be opposed to this proposed change. I've made my peace with the current system so I'm not nearly as worked up about it as I once was, but this seems very reasonable to me and creates a fair playing field for everyone, no matter where they live or what their schedules look like.
  • I will probably make my peace with it too whenever I'll get the Red Angel, but every time they add a new Gauntlet-exclusive legendary I will hate them again for it :sweat_smile::#
  • Sounds fair to me.
  • I'll just bump this up and tag @Calhoun who will probably agree with the suggestion (judging from a comment in another thread) :sweat_smile:
  • From what I see, people that don't have to go to a job and can stay awake all hours seem to do better in guantlet, The only time I've been able to finish #1 is either when I'm on vacation, or on a 3 day holiday weekend, and or spend some dilithium from time to time, Still haven't got Red Angel either. Good luck to Y'all though.
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