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You are losing money by not yet doing a portal update

You would have sold me on those 4 and 20 premium pack deals, but the chances of a 10-pack actually giving me a new crew or needed copy is low enough that it's just not worth trying.

But had the portal been updated recently, I would have had enough to look for that it would have justified the expense for me.


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    Given what happened with DB, this is not the safest assumption, but the financial analytics peeps (probably) know what they're doing.

    If portal updates on a regular cadence is still not a thing four years in, and is not even being considered seriously by the devs, it's likely because there are "enough" players still shelling out for packs/pack offers and/or buying dilithium in order to get 490/390 discount packs featuring crew not in the portal yet.

    S u c k s for those who can't/won't spend, but that's capitalism.
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    Yeah, TP does not strike me as a special or unusually talented business given the several project management failures we've witnessed since the handoff.

    I've worked in a lot of different industries over the years, and my expectation is that more places are fly-by-wire operations done with the least amount of spending on labor and equipment with most decisions being made by executive fiat. And I've seen indicators of that here.

    Even if they do have analytics, it takes a lot of talent to identify meaningful analytics, gather them, interpret them, and create useful strategies from that interpretation. Execution also takes talent. And talent carries an up-front cost that a lot of places prefer to avoid.
  • You could always buy the offer and wait to open the packs until a portal update (or honor sale). I haven't bought either of these offers, but some level of temptation is there. It would just be to have more packs to open at update.
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  • Hardcheese--

    That's a fair point. I've seen first hand how terrible experienced professionals are at identifying meaningful analytics.

    At any rate, we're no longer getting Starry Skies, so there must be at least one warm body reviewing the numbers now.


    I've tried the buy and save for next update thing before. Once you have all super rares immort'd except for the ones new to the portal, one portal update alone doesn't stop opening packs from being a frustrating experience.

    We've been getting more Tuesday purples, so the next update might be a bit better than past ones. I'll keep saving the packs from campaign and event rewards until the next honor sale / portal update. But as it stands, I don't need to buy portal packs for at least a calendar year at this rate.
  • It's more a milestone that I use for how long I hold my packs. I don't have any great expectations of any sort. The dilution of the portal is something that @RaraRacing and I (and a few others) have mentioned in other threads. There's ideas out there, like Decrepit Legendaries/Legacy Legendaries out there to address portal dilution. But the temporary Band-Aid is to just give us a portal update. So... until a better solution comes along, I'll just save my packs and open them at the portal update and honor sale intervals.
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  • I've seen those threads and am in full support of an initiative around Legacy Legendaries.

    DB/TP just doesn't seem to care how this affects the health of the game or their bottom line. The honor system was an obvious improvement over what came before, but as usual they stopped well short of addressing the actual problems.
  • Actually, they lose money because of the expensive add crew slots and no sale in sight. ;)
  • Bump for today's 50-pack.
  • Corporate view is always based on cost versus everything else. So basically, if it works and makes tons of money, we're not going to fix it, cause as far as we're concerned, it ain't broke.
  • Actually, they lose money because of the expensive add crew slots and no sale in sight. ;)

    An easy solution for this would be for them to include one extra crew slot in the sale of a crew pack. They'd sell a lot more if people knew they'd be guaranteed to be able to use at least one crew from the pack. At the very least they should include a crew slot in the 8.99 campaign upgrade.

    I'd love to suggest this but can't make new posts yet. World of Tanks does this an it works well for them.
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