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Type of events. How they are picked.

I know that you all think that the players like to be surprised as to the type of events that we have each week. But from personal experience it tends to be more of a letdown than a good surprise.

In my opinion there needs to be structure to what event is held and when, not just this random pick an event out of a hat way of doing things. (At least it seems that way.)

Here is what I propose. Have the same event types in the same order every month. So every month there should be 1 skirmish, 1 faction, 1 galaxy, and 1 expedition. That way people have time to build up resources for each event, and the people that don't like expeditions can take a week off because a skirmish only needs 1 crew to get the full VP. Then the players know what to expect, and are not let down with the seemingly endless string of faction type events, or chroniton spending events back to back.

TP you need to start thinking about the long term health of the game, instead of thinking about making as much money as you can in the short term


  • PeetsPeets ✭✭
    I prefer to be suprised.
  • I generally agree with the OP. While I would like expeditions to become a regular thing (after a massive overhaul), in the meantime that fourth slot could be used for a "hybrid" event each month.
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