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Celebrating an iconic Star Trek Friendship: “Reunion Spock and Kirk”.

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Greetings, Captains,

This March we’re celebrating William Shatner’s and Leonard Nimoy’s 90th birthday with something special, a new fuse crew: “Reunion Spock and Kirk” (5*).

We chose “Reunion Spock and Kirk” for their depiction of an iconic Star Trek moment, one that speaks to a cherished value, seen time and time again across the franchise, friendship.

“Reunion Spock and Kirk” will be obtainable by upgrading “Anxious Kirk” with “Fal-tor-pan Spock”. For players unfamiliar with the process please know that immortalized crew cannot be used for this type of special upgrade, only non-immortalized crew will trigger the fuse option.

“Fal-tor-pan Spock” is now visible in the vault, it will be the 5* ranked reward crew for the event starting on Thursday, March 18, and ending on Monday, March 22.

On that same Monday, “Anxious Kirk” (4*), will be released as part of a theme pack, and “Reunion Spock and Kirk” will be visible in the vault.

We hope you’ll enjoy these new characters as much as we enjoyed bringing them to the game.




  • ShanShan admin
    Reunion Spock and Kirk stats

    FE 5/5, Level 100, CMD 1018 (176 - 441), DIP 509 (133 - 268), SCI 1315 (209 - 411)
    FE 1/5, Level 100, CMD 666 (176 - 441), DIP 284 (133 - 268), SCI 936 (209 - 411)

    Traits: Vulcan, Human, Telepath, Starfleet, Federation, Inspiring, Cultural Figure

    Ship ability 1/5

    "I have been and ever shall be your friend."
    - Boosts Accuracy by 3
    - Initialize: 12s, Cooldown: 10s, Duration: 10s
    - Bonus Ability: Immediately repairs Hull by 25%
    - Equipment Bonus: Accuracy +300, Crit Bonus +105, Crit Rating +100, Evasion +400
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