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collected complete all daily missions, but have not.

i just collected the complete all daily missions reward, but have not yet completed them. i still need do the away team and space battle missions.
i will do so nowswq13efui9qy.jpg


  • Same here the "All daily mission" reward is gone. I didn't get the points for the monthly campaign.
  • ShanShan admin
    We're looking into it.
    If you encounter an issue please restart first to see if that clears things up, it is annoying I know but it works more often than not.

    If you do have a persistent issue please submit a ticket and provide screenshots.
    If you submit a ticket from within the game you cannot attach a screenshot, but once your ticket is submitted you will receive a confirmation email. Replying to that email with your screenshots will add them to your existing ticket.

  • StrategizerStrategizer ✭✭✭
    Same. I didn't look before to see if it failed to add the points to the Monthly Campaign or not. Or add to the fleet ISM daily tqpdo1xa0te5.png
    total or not.... I suspect no, but I'm not sure.
  • ShanShan admin
    We've deployed a hot fix for this so this should hopefully no longer be an issue for the next reset.
    Let us know if this happens again, thank you!
  • [IPA] Markas[IPA] Markas ✭✭✭
    Additionally, apparently my fleet has completed more dailies that is possible.
    Admiral of Inner Planets Alliance
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