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Please improve ship selection in Voyages

Dear STT devs,

You clearly have a talent for, and an interest in, revising the UI in, like, every upgrade. So how about applying that skill to the ship selection system in Voyages? I suggest that you make it more like ship selection in Skirmishes, but with the added value of sorting ships with traits matching the Voyage’s featured trait to the top.


  • Ability to show all ships matching the Trait would be useful; some of us prefer a ship ... so Name / Trait / Completed 5* s ?
  • Yes, this is probably my number 1 QoL request for the game right now. As it is I typically go into Voyage to see the bonus trait, go out of Voyage and into my ship roster, do a search for the trait and find the best ship with that trait (or determine I get more base antimatter with my best non-trait-matched ship), go back into Voyage and then tap-tap-tap-tap until the ship I want comes up. Sometimes I try to remember if it's closer to the front or back of the queue and go in the appropriate direction. Of course sometimes I know what I ship I want and cut straight to the tap-tap-tap-portion.
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