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Spockwork Orange fleet page. Fully upgraded starbase lvl 134 and daily ISM.

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Our fleet consistently ranks high in events.We manage to get all rewards daily and on time.Our starbase is fully upgraded at lvl 134 and we get the daily ISM.You must be above lvl50 to apply and of course be active. If you are interested in joining a top fleet message me here or look for us in-game

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    sb lvl 128.currently full but you may inquire
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    just a quick update .sb lvl is at 130 and soon will be maxed out at 134 as the rest of the rooms require no holoemitters
  • YeldoowYeldoow ✭✭
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    Do you have any spots at the moment?

    I'm level 56, FTP only.

    I play every day, rank in the top 5,000 most events (I was 1,826th in the last event, but that is a personal best)

    I'm not really interested in the social chat aspect of the game though. I just want to be in a better/more active fleet to try and get better rewards, and try and push for better ranks in events.
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    quick update .one spot is still open.looking for captains who can make a difference.sb upgraded fully .top 10 fleet :smiley:
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    today we got 1st place in the event as a fleet so kudos to my fleetmates.we also had the no1 squad. :):)
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    one spot is currently still open for active captains.
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    spot filled for now
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    shameless bump lol


  • starbase lvl is up to 40 now .join a competitive and active fleet today!
  • starbase lvl is up to 41.
  • starbase lvl is up to 42. 1 person added one left so still 4 open spots!
  • Our fleet CA USS Defiant is looking for recruits
  • Quick update.Starbase is levelling up daily so up to 45 now. Daily rewards are claimed early and on time. We d be happy to add active players above captain lvl 40.All players are friendly and helpful in our fleet, so join the team today!Remember only 4 spots left...
  • Daily upgrades to starbase making it to 48 today.our fleet is doing very well in this event.Join to get maximum daily rewards. Experienced players will help you in all aspects of the game.
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    Hey there. I have s set of 4 that might meet your criteria, We would like to join as a squad.

    Our levels are 62, 60, 48, and 41.

    Our lvl41 has been playing for 8 weeks and has VIP of 11 already.

    Add me "Regent Woof on Line, or msg me direct.

  • Hello, I'm lvl 54 VIP lvl 13. I log in every day and do all dailies. Msg me or add me. My name is Zubati.
  • I'm not looking for a fleet, but I needed to come here and salute you for an incredible fleet name! 🖖
    Ten Forward Loungers - Give Your Best, Get Our Best!
    Check out our website to find out more:

  • I'm not looking for a fleet, but I needed to come here and salute you for an incredible fleet name! 🖖

    thank you Admiral.Kudos goes to our fleet admiral i think ,will make sure i ll pass it along.Llap
  • ok shameless bump as its been a few days...but our starbase lvl is up to 51 .previous event fleet ranking was 32 mine was 244 overall.still 4 spots open
  • one spot has been filled so only 3 open now.starbase lvl is up to 54 and rising daily.
  • DiscoTrekMikeDiscoTrekMike ✭✭
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    Hello I'm level 53 with vip 14 I'm looking to join a active fleet
  • Hi I'm looking for an active fleet. My name is Will I'm only level 45 but I play every day have 4 shuttles, 210 crew and looking to get better. I'm not a huge spender but I do purchase good deals when able. Looking forward to your reply, thanks Will.
  • Spockwork Orange has 2 openings for active captains level 40 and higher with 3 or more shuttles. Current starbase level is 56 and all dailies cleared early. Average fleet captain level is in the 50s and we are a competitive chat friendly group.
  • Hello,

    I'm looking for an active fleet; I joined an "open recruit" fleet as a new player during my first event and it's only semi-active.

    Me: 11 / 43 after ~2 months, 4 shuttles, complete everything daily and run 2 voyages a day, pushing 6 hours before a 1x dilithium boost each. Any other dilithium from 10x / 15x pack purchases goes towards major upgrades, maybe an occasional event pack to try to get that extra star.

    I have 175 crew. My cadet teams are optimized and I'm currently working on my gauntlet team. I have 5 x/5 at 100 and 17 x/5 in progress, 8 4/4 at 100, and many 4/4 partially raised; at this point it's just a matter of grinding out the chronitons.

    I'm currently playing as "Subspace Eddie".

  • currently only 1 spot left open after welcoming aboard discotrek mike,trellevan and subspace eddie
  • currently our fleet is full and active.in case there are any openings in the future this page will be updated then.
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    we have two open spots in our fleet.our starbase currently is at lvl 60.finished 5th overall in the last event.
  • I'll join, lvl 65 GulTain
  • gultain has decided not to join after all i guess, so 3 spots remain open for active players
  • Hey, I would like to join. Lvl 42, playing daily, donating. Currently in my fleet i am squadron leader and officer, but more than half of the fleet is playing only occasionally.
  • after welcoming aboard guest_900472299679744 (his alias shall remain secret) we now have 2 spots open
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    Spockwork Orange is still seeking two players level 40 or higher with at least 3 shuttles. Our current fleet rank is 24th and our starbase is level 62. Most of our members captain levels are in the 50s and 60s. If you wish to be a part of a competitive fleet that is chat friendly and highly active, please apply or post in here for consideration, thank you.
  • Spockwork Orange is now full. We will update if a spot opens. Thank you.
  • 1 spot just opened up
  • quick update .our starbase is up to lvl 63 now and still looking for that elusive last person to join our awesome fleet.be that person today!
  • I haven't been playing long but I am lvl 47, VIP 10 and very active.
  • just a shameless bump as our last spot remains open.we are looking for our missing piece...
  • spot has been filled
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