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*NEW* STT Crew Spreadsheet - v2.0

Commander SinclairCommander Sinclair ✭✭✭✭✭
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While all the ppl involved in putting the original STT Level 100 spreadsheet together are awesome, and much appreciated, I felt I needed something a bit more basic.

I created this new one from the v1.2. I cleaned it up and added several columns, including Title/First name and Last name being separate for MUCH easier sorting. With the old spreadsheet it took over an hour just to update because I had to scroll up & down constantly to find the crew cards on the App. Now I can sort multiple ways, so it virtually matches the screen on the App, and it takes less than half the time.

It does not contain the multiple pages for stats, etc., this is simply to keep track of your crew or maybe use to strategize how you want to level them or some such. I went through the entire Wiki and updated all the Skills, including this weeks Event crew of Formal Dress Scotty, Tarah, Party Ash, and Cornwell. Personally, I like having a hard copy sorted by last name handy to write it down, and update maybe once a month on the computer.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated. Enjoy!

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  • I have updated the sheet for current week, and will continue to do so every week with new crew as they become available, with their listed skills.

    Today added Commander Thalin, Expedition Shran, and Away Team Saru.
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  • Hey Commander Sinclair, I can't open this link ?
  • Strange, it works for me. I tried it on a different browser as well and not logged in, so I know it works. Maybe you have pop-ups blocked or something?
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  • FYI - I have never been able to login to Google Docs for some reason, otherwise I would put it on there. If you want to PM me with your e-mail, I can send it directly. :)
    I want to become a Dilionaire...
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