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iPhone X UI issues getting worse, not better

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Since v4 and the forced/mandatory update things are going from bad to worse on iPhone X.

Running out of chron still triggers a pop-up that requires a full forced reboot (or purchase using dil) to escape. It is my feeling that the lack of public acknowledgement of this issue is, unfortunately, proof of underhand tactics to exploit those iPhone X users that accidentally buy the chron top up and don’t submit a ticket.

The UI issues that are more based on aesthetics... well, these are getting worse rather than better. In the vault I now have only 1 and 1/4 lines of crew visible. This is even worse than the 1 and 1/3 that we were ‘given’ with the v4 update. To say that a main feature of this update is to improve iPhone X interface is an absolute joke.

Replicator builds are a mess. Look at the fuel used portion on the attached screenshot.

Please can we have some acknowledgement of these problems and a commitment for fixes?!



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    @Black Pebble

    Why are you able to offer ‘hot fixes’ for players with some, much more recent, issues (see: https://forum.disruptorbeam.com/stt/discussion/3914/gauntlet-dropping-guinan-instead-of-caretaker-resolved)
    But still ignore the UI bugs and overall experience problems that are plaguing many (thousands?) of players?

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    Let’s put this in simpler language.

    Time is of the essence and as an avenue for seeking support, a response is requested ASAP.
  • Agree having alot of same issues with android devices

    Like the voyage bugs that lock up game, or people not being able to actully play the game with load screen errors etc etc

    This should always be fixed first before cosmetic issues

    But not doing ethier it seems
  • Obviously no one actually tried to actually play the game on an iPhone X. Like they just checked that it launched in the simulator and said “good enough” and checked it in. But I’m not surprised. DB seems to have some kind of aversion to testing their releases on iOS devices.
  • Obviously no one actually tried to actually play the game on an iPhone X. Like they just checked that it launched in the simulator and said “good enough” and checked it in. But I’m not surprised. DB seems to have some kind of aversion to testing their releases on iOS devices.

    I'm not sure what devices they do test on to approve a release, but there's lots of Android pain with this release as well. I have no idea how any of this got into a release build, unless the release philosophy is the old joke of "if it compiles, ship it!"
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  • I reported the issues and sent a lot of pics and was told "We have yet to receive widespread reports of this issue, however based on your report we will monitor for data specific to this issue, and submit any findings to the QA Team for investigation.

    The issues that I mentioned were after updating to the new client version on iPhone X I have noticed that:
    • popup messages such as out of chronotons, the keyboard, and the menu — are not properly rendered with content bing cutoff.
    • On iPhone X the sensor housing notch obscures the left part of the feedback area. It’s hard to show in screenshots as iOS screen captures show as if the notch was not there.
    • Additionally there are touch controls that are at or in the area of the home indicator which triggers the home indicators swipe actions easily.
    • Fuel tank in replicator not sized to allow user to see items in it. In previous version was able to see two rows of items in the rank and more than two rows in the available fuel section
    • Clock on faction or other items overlaps other icons.

    These issues show that the app does not follow the iPhone X iOS Human Interface Guidelines from Apple.

    When designing for iPhone X, you must ensure that layouts fill the screen and aren't obscured by the device's rounded corners, its sensor housing, or the indicator for accessing the Home screen.


    Inset essential content to prevent clipping. In general, content should be centered and symmetrically inset so it looks great in any orientation and isn't clipped by corners or the device's sensor housing, or obscured by the indicator for accessing the Home screen. For best results, use standard, system-provided interface elements and Auto Layout to construct your interface. Apps should adhere to the safe area and layout margins defined by UIKit, which ensure appropriate insetting based on the device and context. The safe area also prevents content from underlapping the status bar, navigation bar, toolbar, and tab bar.

    When the device is in landscape orientation, it may be appropriate for some apps—like games—to place tappable controls in the lower portion of the screen (extending below the safe area) to allow more room for content. Use matching insets when placing controls at the top and bottom of the screen, and leave ample space around the Home indicator so people don't accidentally target it when trying to interact with a control.

    Avoid explicitly placing interactive controls at the very bottom of the screen and in corners. People use swipe gestures at the bottom edge of the display to access the Home screen and app switcher, and these gestures may cancel custom gestures you implement in this area. The far corners of the screen can be difficult areas for people to reach comfortably.

    -- I sent the photos to the support team (however I cannot post them here due to my forum account being too new. --

    I really wish that the programmers would resolve these as it gets annoying.
  • We are working in this, there will be fixes in an upcoming new client version. No ETA yet.
  • While I am glad that this is in the works... it should never had gotten past QA. Providing poor experience not worthy of my in game purchases.
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