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starbase bonuses

Question: what will happen to starbase bonuses upon all departments being max leveled?

Main body: our starbase has just begun its final upgrade.

We are set to lose our daily 100 chron bonus.

I’ve seen several good ideas put forwards for how to proceed. Does anyone have any news about this?


  • edited February 2018
    no more daily chrons. we are in that boat right now. We expect there will be some level increases....
    I'd be happy just throwing those lesser components in a hole every day, just to have those 100 chrons ;)
  • garnergarner ✭✭✭
    In the short term, other fleets would benefit from a trade in to convert anything else to holoemitters.
    I could add 7k other for 700 holoemitters every day to help us finish some rooms.

    But long term, throwing away 700 a day to work towards something or nothing, but getting chrons would be great.
  • Wouldn't it be nice to like donate to "these dumps" and get honor? Like donate 700 and get 70 honor
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