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Voyages loot table update question

Hey @Shan
Your update notes that 4* crew from the 3/20 update were added to the pool
Awesome !

Curious, what about 4* crew from the previous update ?

I could be mistaken but I'm nearly positive those didn't drop prior to yesterday either have they been added in as well or are they on hold ?

(Or please, someone correct me, I'm not betting the farm on this )

Thank you.
Oh, were there any other changes to the Voyages loot tables* as well it just this one addition ?

* Changes as far as percentage of x vs y dropping, odds, ect


  • FutureImperfectaFutureImperfecta ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Black Pebble sorry, many to tag you previously, was in the mall at the time lol
  • This is the list of crew in question, these crew were previously added to the Time Portal in the Oct 2017 update. They were not added to Voyages at that time.

    Admiral Picard
    Advocate Kolos
    Alidar Jarok
    Ambassador K'Ehleyr
    Anastasia Komananov
    Assimilated Tuvok
    Augment Riker
    Ba'ku Worf
    Captain Klaa
    Captain T'Pol
    Combat Medic Paris
    Cyrus Redblock
    Dahar Master Kor
    Doc Crusher
    Dr. Hippocrates Noah
    Klingon Neelix
    Klingon Torres
    Maquis Ro Laren
    Marla McGivers
    North Star Archer
    Princess Jadzia
    Riley Frazier
    Robin Hood Picard
    Sheriff Worf
    Stranded Odo
    Vedek Bareil Antos
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  • I will inquire!
    Please know that tagging mods/admin does absolutely nothing :)
    If you believe something is an issue, create the thread in Engineering Room for better visibility.
    I am moving it there now.
  • Ok I have the info!
    The fix we did today will also take into account previous crew updates, like the one from 10/2017.
    I will edit the notes for clarity.

    As for your other question, that is the only change done to the loot tables.
  • FutureImperfectaFutureImperfecta ✭✭✭✭✭
    Awesome, thank you very much :D
  • JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yes, I got an Admiral Picard and a Ba'ku Worf from a voyage not too long ago, so it worxxx. :)
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