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Reddit Empire - Looking for a few regular players

Reddit Empire is a fleet of regular casual players. We have a stay active play as you want policy. We have a level 69 starbase and get our daily bonus regularly (unless we have a holoemitters shortage). We rank top 50 in most events. We have great/friendly player base willing to help any/all players.

We’re on discord too if you feel like chatting. Send me a message on here for an invite or in game.


  • LoubooLouboo ✭✭
    edited March 2018
    This is a great fleet to be in. I’ve been playing this game since 2 months after it launched and still love it. Being a part of this fleet just enhances the experience. All the members are friendly and very helpful with any gaming questions that may come up. We have a good mix of players from all over the world who spend money, don’t spend money or anywhere in between. The officers are very involved, and a Level 69 starbase doesn’t hurt either. Our discord chat can be hysterical! Come join....you will be glad you did....
  • edited March 2018
    If you still have openings I'm interested. I've been playing for two months. Level 39, VIP 8, complete all daily missions. Captain name is Bone. I also participate regularly on the r/StarTrekTimelines/ subreddit. Thanks.
  • Welcome aboard Bone and Worrior!! Glad you chose our fleet to join. We are very excited to have you both....
  • Id also love to join if you have room. Level 41, VIP 9. stupidfacemcghee is the name. Let me know, and I will leave my current fleet.
  • Stupidfacemcghee I tried looking you up in the game but couldn’t find your name. I don’t think the player friend lookup feature works very well. We still have 2 spots...would love to have you. If you can look up our fleet by name that should work. Right now we opened enrollment to make it easier to join...see you soon...
  • We have 1 opening if anybody is interested. Level 80 starbase now...
  • Opening filled
  • We’ve got one slot free. Come join the empire!
  • Macworm vip 12 lvl 51 :)
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