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Voyages - How many "Part 2" did you see?

Now, a month later, we saw many dilemmas, but how many of them were "Part 2"?
After more than 40 Voyages, I solved almost 150 Dilemmas, but there was only one "Part 2"

How about you? And are there maybe a Part 3 or Part 4, but very rare?


  • A list of dilemmas are being compiled on the wiki. You can read each of them there.
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  • I got the sentient sludge part 2 at least three times, the unjoined Trill part 2 twice, the colony governor and the mysterious passenger part 2 once. That's more than once per week.

    There seems to be no part 3, or at least none has been reported.
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  • A list of dilemmas are being compiled on the wiki. You can read each of them there.

    I know the page and the Dilemmas. Wanted to know, how many of them (second parts) other players encountered, to hear, if they are just so rare or is it just bad luck, that I saw only one second part.
  • I get them reasonably often, once at the 4hr mark where I got 600 5* ship schematics. I generally run mine to 8hrs+ occasionally 10hrs+
  • I once even had a third part which gave me Colonel Worf, at 4, 6 and 8h mark.
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    There are 10 "Part 2" Dilemmas out of 34 (29%). I wouldn't say they are rare (well, their level in the game would be considered Rare), just not in order. When most Voyages go about 6 hours, you're only talking about 3 Dilemmas. So, your RNG luck to have a Part 1 on the first or second Dilemma, THEN the luck of Part 2 on the 3rd Dilemma is low. Even on 10 hour voyages, you only have 5 Dilemmas... there are 34 dilemmas for RNG to choose from, with 10 of them requiring a prerequisite Dilemma. Also, duplicates happen during the same Voyage. Here are the stats of what the RNG picks from:

    17 Uncommon
    - These have the 30/30/2* Reward
    - 10 of these can lead to a Part 2

    11 Rare
    - These have primarily 60/50/3* Reward
    - Of these, 9 require a prerequisite Uncommon
    - Only 2 can be chosen by RNG without the prerequisite (Outstretched Talons and Winter's Price)

    6 Super Rare
    - These have primarily 100/75/4* Reward
    - 1 requires a prerequisite Uncommon (A Life Alone, Part 2)

    So technically, RNG pulls from an initial list of 24 Dilemmas (17 Uncommon, 2 Rare, 5 Super Rare) for your 2 hour mark. If it happens to be one of the 10 that can lead to a Part 2, then RNG pulls from 25 Dilemmas (because the part 1 could repeat).

    Stating all of this, I personally see Part 2's often enough to say they aren't elusive. I extend my Voyages past 8 hours, and sometimes past 10 hours, so I see 4 and 5 Dilemmas often. If you never extend your shuttles or are still new with low skill points to throw at Voyages, then you probably see only 2 or 3 Dilemmas, and your chances of receiving a Part 2 Dilemma can seem very low.
  • Thank you for the explanation.
    That's a great breakdown.
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