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How Many Fully Equipped But Not Fully Fused Crew Do You Have?

Althea BiermontAlthea Biermont ✭✭✭✭✭
I was updating my crew spreadsheet to figure out my honor debit and counted the number of crew that I had that are at level 100, fully equipped and just waiting for stars to immortalize them.

I have 112 Legendary Crew just waiting to be immortalized but for the lack of stars. That's almost triple the number of Legendary crew that I have FF/FE (39 crew)

I don't have any 4* crew that are FE waiting for stars.

Just curious how many FE crew others have (of any rarity) that are simply waiting for stars.


  • I have 46 Legendaries and 1 Super Rare waiting for stars.
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  • ~peregrine~~peregrine~ ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    I have 52 Legendaries and 63 Super Rares waiting for stars.

    EDIT: Of the 52 gold, 34 are FE. Of the 63 purple, 21 are FE. Sorry for not reading the title of the thread more carefully! LLAP
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  • 92 Legendaries and 26 Super Rares.
  • 65 legendaries and 2 super rares fully equipped needing stars to become immortal
  • [KM]Videm[KM]Videm ✭✭✭
    76 5* and 15 4*
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  • GAWAGAWA ✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    I have 93 legendaries and only 12 are FF

    Plus a handful of stray 4*.
  • IvanstoneIvanstone ✭✭✭✭✭
    If I include crew that are left deliberately unequipped and unleveled:
    64 Legendaries and 9 Super-rares

    Generally I can level almost any crew in less than 15 minutes. If its not its because I'm either gaming the dabo wheel or the gauntlet or waiting for daily missions.
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  • DittoDitto ✭✭✭
    4/5* - 4
    3/5* - 3
    2/5* - 4
    1/5* - 16 (and 1 more almost there)

    3/4* - 24
    2/4* - 26
    1/4* - 22

    2/3* - 1

    1/2* - 1
  • Althea BiermontAlthea Biermont ✭✭✭✭✭
    My breakdown for FF vs. FE vs. FF/FE (up through the new Miranda Jones)

    31 Crew that are neither FE or FF
    23 Crew FF but not FE
    112 Crew FE but not FF
    375 Crew FF and FE
    23 Crew that I don't have at all
  • 19 FE 5*
    17 FE 4*
  • Travis S McClainTravis S McClain ✭✭✭✭✭
    45 Legendary (4/5 x1, 3/5 x1, 2/5 x5, 1/5 x38)
    35 Super Rare (3/4 x13, 2/4 x9, 1/4 x13)

    One of the SR's is Dominion Dukat, presently a 3/4. He'll come off the list Thursday when I get the fourth star from the daily rewards.
  • Commander SinclairCommander Sinclair ✭✭✭✭✭
    Legendary: 4x 4/5, 4x3/5, 7x2/5, 16x1/5
    Super Rare: 5x3/4, 2x3/4, 1x1/4
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  • Capt. ChaosCapt. Chaos ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Legendaries needing stars: 76
    Super Rares needing stars: 2
  • Banjo1012Banjo1012 ✭✭✭✭✭
    All 185 crew fully equipped. Only 3 need stars. Also, 3 legendary immortals are duplicates.
  • Hungry Dog DDMHungry Dog DDM ✭✭✭✭
    3/5 - 1
    2/5 - 8
    1/5 - 16
    3/4 - 20
    2/4 - 10
    1/4 - 8

    Total 63

    A bunch of others not FE, and need stars. But it's not so bad. I'm saving honor to the next 50K level just because I want to have it ready to go for whenever the next mega is. But beyond that, I have plenty of room in my crew so I'm not in a hurry to cryo anything else. I might try to save my honor for quite some time.
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  • PallidynePallidyne ✭✭✭✭✭
    I was shocked to note that I only have 50 Legendaries and 1 SR FE but not FF. I tend to prioritize in this order:

    Event/Bonus Crew
    Whomever I feel like

    Now I have a ton of non-FE crew needing stars, thought
  • DraftedMcCoyDraftedMcCoy ✭✭✭✭
    Somewhere in the 50+ area for legendaries, because this game never puts them out and Im not Scrooge McDuck.
  • Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    3/5*: 4 (including my next immortalized legendary target, Mirror Cochrane)
    2/5*: 8
    1/5*: 34
    3/4*: 7 (including Dominion Dukat, who will be FF in a few days from daily rewards, and Prospero Data, who I hope to FF this weekend)
    2/4*: 3
    1/4*: 3

    For the 1/4* and 2/4* crew, I leveled them solely to help in events (with mixed results - Mirror Jadzia and even Mirror Ezri helped, while others still were useless). None of the 3/5*s except Mirror Cochrane were by citations; 2 of 3 stars on Dr. Soong were from event packs with the other from making it into the top 1000 in the Ghost In The Machine rerun, while all stars on Arachnia Janeway and Rogue Kai Winn came from either event packs or beholds. Some of the 2/5*s were DYCs, back when I did those.
  • IronagedaveIronagedave ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    32, 12 legendaries 20 purple but I got plenty more purple and a few gold still need levelling and are not ff - a large proportion of my roster.
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  • As it stands now, 35 Legendary and 76 Super rare including those that are FE. I'm working on immortalizing all the super-rares now. I'm only missing 39 more and I have at least one copy of each. Doesn't seem as impossible as it did in the beginning.
    Immortalized crew count:
    27×1★; 45×2★; 72×3★; 121×4★; 14×5★

    FE, not fused crew count:
    0×2★; 0×3★; 18×4★; 21×5★
  • Warrior WilloWarrior Willo ✭✭✭✭
    All my crew are FE, made up as follows:

    4/5* 18
    3/5* 7
    2/5* 27
    1/5* 37

    3/4* 4
    2/4* 3
    1/4* 8

    Because all my crew are FE, I have been slowly equipping any new crew I get so that I don't have problems getting the daily rewards.
  • 20 Legendary
    3 Super Rare

    My SR usually sit until they are FF before I start leveling them. 2 of the 3 I have left were ones I ramped up for events that I expected to get the rest of the stars for and didn’t, back before I could do that reliably.
  • 80 Golds FE of which 11 are immortalised.
    194 Purple FE of which 181 are immortalised.
    All 3,2,1 * crew immortalised except EMH from Honor hall.
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  • Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Nearly all of my roster is FE. Of those that are currently active:
    • Out of 78 FE 5* = 60 are not FF
    • Out of 185 FE 4* = 16 are not FF
    Some of the above non-FF crew are dupes, however.

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  • KaiteeKaitee ✭✭✭✭✭
    Not even going to count the legendaries, but there are three superrares sitting around waiting - Tourist Quark at 1* (I vaguely remember with the event crew bonus he was still somewhat useful for Medical in his event), Sarek at 3* (pretty good during the Disco and Vulcan events), and Dominion Dukat at 3* (I had him at 1* unlevelled when he popped up in the daily rewards table, so that seemed a good reason to work on him). Mostly I only level crew I've got fused, but if they're worth it with an event bonus, or sometimes just because I like them, exceptions are made. I finished fusing Nevesa this morning, but I'd got her to level 90 on 2* just because the Imperial Minidress is adorable.
  • My breakdown for FF vs. FE vs. FF/FE (up through the new Miranda Jones)

    31 Crew that are neither FE or FF
    23 Crew FF but not FE
    112 Crew FE but not FF
    375 Crew FF and FE
    23 Crew that I don't have at all

    Mine would be 83 legendary needing stars, 43 immortalized.

    If I ignore extra 1/5's I haven't quite decided what to do with:

    0 or 3 (I have intentionally kept 3 voyages crew not fully equipped so I have a convenient place to ad-warp, replicate or farm regular items)
    0 Crew FF but not FE
    53 Crew FE but not FF
    400 Crew FF and FE
    70 Crew that I don't have at all

    Interesting, you have collected more crew, I have fused and immortalized more.
  • WaldoMagWaldoMag ✭✭✭✭✭
    Dralix wrote: »
    Yateball wrote: »
    I can only answer with "A buttload" because there really is that many

    Depends on how much you can fit in a butt, doesn't it?
    Since they take up no room. It should be infinite. (Software data)
  • 6 legandaries
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