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Fleet: Attack of the Crohn's [FOUR vacancies as of 2/13/20]

Travis S McClainTravis S McClain ✭✭✭✭✭
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As of 13 February 2020, we have FOUR vacancies.

No pressure
From its inception, Attack of the Crohn's has been a no-pressure fleet. The only requirements for being admitted as a member are that the player has to intend to participate regularly in events, and that they not be a jerk. So far, we've had fleet members leave because they quit playing the game, but no one has turned out to be a jerk. We don’t vet members by VIP or captain level, or even care what yours are. If you’re fiercely competitive, you’ll probably be happier with another fleet. We ask that you do at least intend to be semi-regularly active during events, of course, but we also understand that players don’t all commit as heavily as one another, and that there’s life outside the game, too.

Minimal socializing
We haven’t discouraged socializing, but we also haven’t emphasized or promoted it, either. For one thing, many fleet members find the chat interface on their devices an infuriating hassle to even open efficiently, let alone use. Wallflowers should find our fleet comfortable! Fleet members who have chosen to socialize have established, maintained, and grown a solid camaraderie.

Starbase and Fleet Targets
Our Starbase is at level 134. We have completed every room, so that's a full +10% to all of your crew stats, +50 to your max chroniton count, three extra Replicator uses daily, and a 10% discount on those replications! We always hit our fleet targets, so you can also expect the full 550 Honor and 100 chronitons each day.

Absentee Policy
Sometimes a player will know they’re not going to be able to play for an extended period. Perhaps they’re going on vacation, or are moving into a new home, or any number of myriad other reasons. If this is the case, we simply ask that this please be communicated before the player steps away from the game, so their membership will remain secured for the expected duration of the absence.

For unannounced absentees, we understand that sometimes we don't always know when something will come up that may require one's time and attention. By default, all players' spots are guaranteed to be held for one week. If no contact has been established by the end of that week, we may fill your spot. This decision is made by the other members of that player's squadron, since they are the ones directly affected by the player's absence. If the vacancy is still open when a player returns, they will gladly be welcomed back into the fold!

Our fleet page on the STT Wiki can be found here.


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