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Inventory Overhaul options

DittoDitto ✭✭✭
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Time for an Inventory overhaul!!

I've made this a poll so we get a better idea of how the community feels about these ideas - I for one, feel these guys are WAY overdue.

So a lot of these have been asked previously, but I'm going to restate them here, as I feel we are much overdue for an Inventory overhaul :)

As I've been progressing up and completing more and more crew, I'm finding myself focusing on 5* more and more, and simply airlocking everything else. Even a 4* I level up only takes a day or 2 ... and I'm pretty sure a lot of others are in similar state and can relate. I find myself at times with no crew to level up, so instead I focusing on farming needed components .. such as for galazy events. However, the current inventory system makes it practically impossible to figure out how many I have of something, or which ones I have few of and need to farm. Also, with no crew to level, I find I don't have the option of using the replicator .. which is sad, since I have so many uses of it, I could be using it to replicate items I'm farming.

So here's some suggestions to spruce up the inventory:

1) In Inventory screen, clicking on an item gives an option (somewhere?) to open the replicator and replicate that item.
No need to get there via a build screen .. just directly from an item in inventory. (of course this lacks the option of replicating an item I have 0 of .. but I guess that's another issue) :)

2) Add more options in Inventory screen for sorting, filtering and searching. Current filters are garbage and mostly useless, and with no search option, it's almost impossible to find a specific item to confirm how many of them I have. Please PLEASE give an option to sort by Quantity!!! When viewing inventory, 99% of the time, my ONLY interest is "What do I have the most have - use that in replicator" .. or "What do I have fewest of - farm them" ... that's it .. pretty much the only reason I go to inventory screen ... ever.

3) option to Favourite items .. similar to Crew. Display them at top of the list by default. Let's me flag items I'm actively farming, or such.

4) clicking on an item in inventory should display the locations I can farm them .. just like in crew build screen. Let me farm items directly from inventory please.

5) Display the quantity of an item when showing it on other screens (ie crew build screen, galaxy events, away mission rewards, etc.) Now I know this one is a bit trickier, so I wanted to explain a possible option below on how to handle it without killing performance in the game.

In order to track the quantity of items with less risk to performance .. I recommend adding a button in inventory screen called "Take Inventory". This button creates a simple, text based list, with 2 values: Item key, and quantity. It might help to sort it on item key. Store this text list as a local file on my device. Now, from other locations within the game, you can check for the presence of this file - if it's not there do nothing, do same thing you do now. If it is there, however, scan the file for the item in question and yank the quantity from there.

We currently have about 1000 different items .. so even if we assume a 10,000 line file .. that's SMALL .. our devices should be able to handle that and scan it sub-second with very little effort. In any event, even if I have to wait a couple extra seconds for this info .. I WILL GLADLY DO SO! :) But definitely the performance hit on the server is dodged, since you only pull the data once ... and you're already doing it.

So yeah, what does everyone think ... Inventory overhaul needed? or fine "as is" ?

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I think all those ideas are needed.
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I only think some of those ideas are needed (please post explanation)
I don't think any of those ideas are needed (please explain)
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  • Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    I think all those ideas are needed.
    I wouldn’t mind not having #4 because the wiki is well-maintained, though we shouldn’t necessarily need the wiki for this purpose. The rest are all necessary.
  • DittoDitto ✭✭✭
    I think all those ideas are needed.
    I wouldn’t mind not having #4 because the wiki is well-maintained, though we shouldn’t necessarily need the wiki for this purpose. The rest are all necessary.

    #4 is more about giving us an option to send missions directly via inventory .. not so much the "looking up" .. although a game shouldn't "hide" key information from the players .. it make the info easily accessible :)
  • DittoDitto ✭✭✭
    I think all those ideas are needed.
    Been 2 years ... it's high time at least some of these items were .. "discussed" ... they're not terribly difficult to implement, and would provide plenty of QoL to most people (IMHO).
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